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An Urban Dog Photoshoot

The Fun of Urban Dog Photography Introduction An urban dog photoshoot is fun adventure through the heart of the city, capturing moments that reflect the dynamic relationship between our pup companions and the urban world around them. The bustling streets, towering buildings, vibrant graffiti walls, and quaint city parks offer a playground of visual delights […]

a pet photographers camera bag

What is in a Pet Photographers camera bag? So what’s in the bag? What is in a pet photographers camera bag. Well, the first, and most important thing of course is the camera. My current camera is the canon 5D MkIV. This is an absolute workhorse of a pro level camera. It has all the […]

Helping your dog overcome firework fears

Helping your dog overcome firework fears The signs… It’s that time of year again where the week(s) long bonfire night celebrations begin. While some dogs are fine with the fireworks, my Jack used to love sitting outside watching them. There are so many more where fireworks cause anxiety, stress and fear. I think we all […]

Doggie Language a book review

Doggie Language – A book review One of my plans when starting this blog was not only to make it about pet photography, but to make it a resource about everything dogs and pets, with reviews, chat and news as well as the photography aspect. Who doesn’t love a book So with that in mind, […]

A day in the life of a pet photographer

A Day in the Life of a Pet Photographer in Essex, UK: Specialising in Dog Photography Welcome back to my blog, photography enthusiasts and pet lovers alike! Today, I’m giving you an insider’s perspective on a typical day for me—a professional pet photographer located in the beautiful county of Essex, UK. As someone who specialises […]

Why pet photography?

For my first blog, I thought I’d talk about “why pet photography?” Well lets start with, I love animals, if I was to list the favourites equal first would be dogs, highland cows and elephants. Yes, I know you can’t keep an elephant as a pet, but they are awesome. Highland cows? Yes, they can […]